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Silver Streak 16" Mini Laminate Sprocket Nose Bar
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  • CLS Item #: 24-93B
  • Manufactured by: Stens

Price:   $19.00

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Details: Silver Streak M1501655-1074SS
Carlton: 16-26-N1-MHC, 16-26-N155-RK,
GB: SW16-50CR,
Oregon: 160SDEA074,
Stihl: 3005 000 4813, 3005 4813,
Windsor: 16ST5ORKBR,
Olympyk 240, 241, 244 and 935
Stihl 009, 010, 011, 012, 015, 017, 018, 019T, 020, 020T, 021, 023, 025, E10, E14, E140, E160, E180, HT70, HT73, HT75, HT100, HT101, HT130, HT131, HTE60, MS150, MS150T, MS170, MS170C, MS171, MS171C, MS180, MS180C, MS181, MS181C, MS190T, MS191T, MS192, MS192T, MS200, MS200T, MS201, MS201T, MS210, MS210C, MS211, MS211C, MS230, MS231, MS241, MS241C, MS250, MS251C, MSA160C, MSA200C, MSE140, MSE140C, MS160, MSE180, MSE180C and MSE200
Bar Type: Mini laminate
Gauge: .050
Drive Links: 55 or 56
Length: 16"
Pitch: 3/8" LP
Packaging Type: Branded sleeve
Stihl takes 55DL; the rest take 56DL