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Wall Mount Bracket for T1/T2
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  • CLS Item #: MB-4
  • Manufactured by: TrimmerTrap

Price:   $40.00

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Details: Mount your Trimmertrap T1 and T2 racks to the wall of your enclosed trailer with this bracket.

Stop running over trimmers with your truck or forgetting them at the job. Equipment stays on the rack until ready for use and returns to the rack when engine is turned off. It never leaves your hands. Protect your equipment from theft and damage. Trimmers are automatically clamped in place by the spring tension slide, preventing trimmer movement. Locks with standard padlock. This is the best selection of racks available. Increase your professional image, and the life of your equipment. Stop grass and dirt from blowing into your carburetor. Stop breaking parts on your equipment caused by laying them on your truck. This equipment will pay for itself. Ask your insurance company about discounts for using your new Trimmertrap Security System. Load or unload a trimmer in two seconds. A must for every landscape company.


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